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"New Paradigms Conference & Holistic Expo”
Over the last 30 years, incidents that used to be considered out of the ordinary experiences have become much more accepted. Prior to these last few decades, anyone who reported seeing an alien spacecraft, including pilots and astronauts, was ridiculed. Those individuals who saw spirits or heard voices were thought to be in need of psychiatric help. Yet, years later, our culture has grown to accept that an increasing percentage of the population has had experiences beyond those previously accepted as normal.

These are the new realities that we face in this millennium. Even the Vatican has recognized that there might be other life forms in the galaxy! With growing public acceptance of these phenomena, humans need to explore and expand their knowledge, not just through YouTube, but by interacting with the experts who have studied these phenomena and can present both facts about these occurrences and theories about their impact on mankind.

In light of the growing number of incidents that are now part of the public consciousness, the New Paradigms Conference and Holistic Expo was established. Our goal is two-fold; to provide an open forum for experts to present their research and opinions as to what these new experiences mean for those both having them and the rest of humanity, as well as to attract individuals both new to these ideas as well as those who have faced these phenomena and want to learn, explore and expand their knowledge of these areas.

New Paradigms Conference brings in the best of those individuals in their fields together in one place simultaneously. Our carefully thought out program includes experts in the fields of alien encounters, paranormal experiences, near death experiences, ancient alien theory and the metaphysical as well as special guest speakers on related topics.
We hope you join us in 2018 to experience the New Paradigms Conference and Holistic Expo!



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