Dr. FB Willis

Dr FB Willis, MBBS, PhD, FACSM

Dr. Willis' Bio

    Dr FB Willis, MBBS, PhD, FACSM
    “Doc is a British-trained Integrative, Holistic physician who has helped thousands lose weight without diets or drugs!”
    After suffering what the FAA described as an “Unsurvivable Plane Crash” Doc Willis endured a 3-year series of 16 sequential operations to rebuild his legs.  He created victory a few years later when he squatted 505lbs!  Then he earned four degrees including his medical degree in the UK (MBBS), and PhD in Kinesiology before being chosen as a Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine.

    Before starting medical school, Doc found himself to be “Obese after 40” and he designed a formula to naturally raise one’s metabolism throughout the day.  Doc quickly lost 45lbs and has maintained his weight loss for over 15 years.  The RightSize program and his recent book RightSize Weight Loss, have helped thousands lose weight without ‘cutting calories,’ spending hours in the gym, or using drugs and surgery! 
    After testing to determine the cause of one’s overweight syndrome, Doc will design a custom, integrative, holistic program to raise your metabolism throughout the day.  Did you know that 75% of people who are overweight have hidden food allergies causing them to gain weight even on a ‘healthy diet?’  Doc will custom design your program so that you can Eat More (more often of the right, non-allergy, earth foods) and regain your younger metabolism through an easy 2-minute Energy-surge exercise bout before each of 5 meals!  See www.DocWillis.org 

    Dr. Willis’ credentials:
    MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery): Post-Doc Physiological Rehab testing
    PhD (Kinesiology, Honors), Dissertation: “Effective Orthopedic Rehab” (Amazon Link)
    MEd (Kinesiology), Thesis: “Preferential VMO Activation for Reducing Chronic Knee Pain”
    BA (Anthropology), Thesis: “Motion Patterns of Theropithecus Gelada”
    Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine
    Certification and licensing: American Holistic Health Association, AAMA, and PMA

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