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    We are Channels Everyday, Come & Experience the Channel You Are Being

    Joy Kauf Joy will share with you some insights of the new higher frequencies of our planet. Come explore and gain some practical tools to help you feel more grounded and centered. Come explorer your own connection to Your Angels. Bring Your Questions.

    Joy Kauf is the founder of the Miracles of Joy Spiritual Center, a Mecca for healings, readings, and esoteric studies in the Dallas area. Joy is a Master Teacher of Galactic Healing and is certified as an Advanced Theta Practitioner, as well as a Reiki Master Teacher. She is also, an Intuitive and Channel. Visit: www.miraclesofjoy.org

    Joy Kauf Owner of Miracles of Joy Metaphysical Store

    972-221-8080 http://www.miraclesofjoy.org


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