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Brad and Barry Klinge (aka the Klinge Brothers) are true Texas boys from San Antonio. They grew up in a strong family, were high school football standouts, graduated from college with their own degrees, and have families of their own. But underneath all that “normalcy” were many harrowing
experiences with ghosts and hauntings growing up—much of it they kept to themselves. In the summer of 1990, Brad witnessed and captured on video camera a ghost regiment on the fields of Gettysburg in the middle of the day during a family vacation, and that’s when they knew that not only was the paranormal real, it must exist per some variation of the common laws of physics and science. That’s when the research started.

After many years of research, they decided to put their knowledge into practice. They were founders of a paranormal investigation team called Everyday Paranormal in 2007, and in the summer of 2008, the producers of the A&E hit show 'Paranormal State' contacted the brothers to help them find show locations in their home state of Texas.  The producers were really looking for a replacement for the Paranormal State team, and quickly found out that the brothers had to knowledge, drive, and personalities to have their own show, and that they did.  'Ghost Lab' premiered on the Discovery Channel in the Fall of 2009 starring the brothers and their Everyday Paranormal team.  It ran
for two seasons-- 26 one-hour episodes-- and still plays in over 120 countries around the world. 

Now that the Klinge Brothers were world-renowned, they went on tour around the world at conventions, college lectures, and professional association lectures in addition to writing their first book, 'Chasing Ghosts Texas Style'.  But the most important thing that happened during this time is that they learned how to film and produce a television show from concept to finale.  Story, sound, lighting, camera angles, editing...the entire process, and they soaked it all in. 

After the show was canceled in 2010, the brothers formed 9 Diamond Productions and tested the waters with a documentary called 'The Dead Truth'. They filmed it with very basic cameras and sound equipment with the help of their friend Johnny Houser.  It definitely had a style all its own with a little natural comedy thrown into a truly frightening story about the ghosts of an old Texas town called Helena.    They put it on You Tube where it racked up over 175,000 views in less than a year being on.  The Klinge brothers took it one step further when they collaborated with an investor in 2013 to film the pilot show of a series called 'Shadows on 66', and then five
episodes of a documentary series entitled 'Strange Curiosity'; currently available on Apple iTUNES. 

They are currently in production of another show called 'GL Revolution'; which is a resurgence of the Everyday Paranormal team and 'Ghost Lab'.   The talents of the Klinge brothers, while specializing in the paranormal genre, does not stop there.  They currently develop many television shows in a variety of genres for network television. In addition, they have expanded their production offerings to the public with commercials, corporate videos, music videos, and graphic design. 

The key to 9 Diamond Productions is its simplicity.  The brothers witnessed the problems facing the industry and turned their passion into entertainment and production offerings for the Everyday Joe--because that's who they are. And above all else, they still investigate the paranormal with their original group to this day.


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