Peter James Haviland ACCH

Hypnotist & Paranormal Investigator

Peter Haviland's Bio


Peter has been doing field work for over 30 years ,is an Advanced Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist,Investigator for Office of Paranormal Investigations for Loyd Auerbach ,Co-founder of PRO (Paranormal Research Organization) and Licensed Private Investigator.Peter has worked with missing children cases and Witness Recall on coldcases,both locally and national cases.

Peter uses his skills in his paranormal work to look into poltergeist phenomena, by utilizing hypnosis to explore our PSI ability and how it affects us and our environment. Peter and his team Lone Star Spirits (formed in 96) have been featured on Travel Channel twice, numerous books,newspapers and magazines,as well as many tv shows local and national.We have consulted for tv shows,movies and help fellow investigators on casework as well. 

Peter will be discussing Poltergiests: An Overview.


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